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Terms of Use

※ modulesci은
Standard terms and conditions deliberated by the Fair Trade Commission are used.

Fair Trade Commission Standard Terms and Conditions No. 10023

Internet Cyber Mall

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to prescribe the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the cyber mall and its users in the use of Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as "services") by ModuleSci company (e-commerce operator).
※ "These terms and conditions shall apply mutatis mutandis to e-commerce using PC communication, wireless, etc."


Article 2 (Definition)

  1. "Mall" means a virtual business establishment in which ModuleSci company established to trade goods, etc. using information and communication facilities such as computers to provide goods or services to users.
  2. The term "li>user" means members and non-members who access "mall" and receive services provided by "mall" under these terms and conditions. The term "li>"member" means a person who registered as a member by providing personal information to "Mall", who is continuously provided with information from "Mall", and who can continuously use the services provided by "Mall".
  3. 'Non-member' refers to a person who does not join the membership and uses the services provided by "Mall".


Article 3 (Explanation, description, revision of terms, etc.)

  1. "Mall" is the contents of these terms and conditions, the name of the trade name and representative, the address of the place of business (including the address of the place where the consumer can handle the complaint), the telephone number?Post the email address, business registration number, communication sales business report number, personal information management manager, etc. on the initial service screen (front) of 00 Cyber Mall. However, the contents of the terms and conditions can be viewed by the user through the connection screen.
  2. "The withdrawal of subscription from the contents stipulated in the terms and conditions before the user agrees to the terms and conditions?"A separate connection screen or pop-up screen, etc. shall be provided so that users can understand important details such as delivery responsibility and refund conditions, etc. to obtain confirmation from users.
  3. "Mall" may amend this Agreement to the extent that it does not violate the laws concerning consumer protection in e-commerce, regulations on terms and conditions, laws on electronic transactions, electronic signature, information and communication network use, door-to-door sales, etc.
  4. If
  5. "Mall" is to revise the terms and conditions, the date of application and reason of revision shall be specified and announced on the initial surface of the mall from 7 days before the date of application.
    However, if the terms and conditions are changed against the user, the notice shall be made with a grace period of at least 30 days. In this case, "Mall" clearly compares the contents before and after the revision to make it easier for users to understand.
  6. If
  7. "Mall" amends the terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the amendment shall apply only to contracts entered into after the date of application, and the terms and conditions before the amendment shall remain the same for contracts. However, if a user who has already signed a contract sends a message to "Mall" within the notice period of the amendment under paragraph (3) and receives the consent of "Mall", the amendment clause applies.
  8. The terms and conditions not prescribed and the interpretation of these terms and conditions shall be governed by the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Fair Trade Commission, etc.


Article 4 (Delivery and Change of Services)

  1. "Mall" performs the following tasks:
    1. Provide information on goods or services and conclude a purchase contract
    2. Delivery of goods or services with a purchase contract
    3. Other tasks determined by the "mall"
  2. "Mall" may change the contents of goods or services to be provided under a contract concluded in the future in the event that goods or services are out of stock or technical specifications are changed. In this case, the contents of the changed goods or services and the date of delivery are specified and immediately announced where the current goods or services are posted.
  3. If the details of the service contracted with the user to be provided by
  4. "Mall" are changed due to the out of stock of goods, etc. or the change of technical specifications, the user shall be notified immediately to the address where he/she can be notified.
  5. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the "mall" shall compensate for the damage caused by the user. However, this is not the case if the "mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.


Article 5 (Termination of Service)

  1. "Mall" is a maintenance inspection of information and communication facilities such as computers?"In the event of a replacement, failure, or loss of communication, the provision of services may be temporarily suspended.
  2. "Mall" shall compensate for damages caused by the user or a third party due to the temporary suspension of the provision of services for the reasons referred to in paragraph (1). However, this is not the case if the "mall" proves that there is no intention or negligence.
  3. Where the service cannot be provided due to the conversion of business items, abandonment of business, or integration between businesses, the "mall" shall notify the user by the method prescribed in Article 8 and compensate the consumer according to the conditions originally prescribed in "mall". However, if the "mall" does not notify the compensation criteria, the users' mileage or e-money shall be paid to the users in kind or cash equivalent to the currency value used in the "mall".


Article 6 (Membership)

  1. Users apply for membership by filling in the membership information according to the subscription form prescribed by "Mall" and expressing their intention to agree to this agreement.
  2. "Mall" shall be registered as a member unless it falls under any of the following among users who have applied to join as a member as shown in paragraph (1):
    1. Where an applicant has previously lost his/her membership pursuant to Article 7 (3) of this Agreement, he/she shall except where he/she has obtained approval to re-enter the membership of "Mall" three years after the loss of membership under Article 7 (3).
    2. If there is a false, omitted entry, or misstatement in the registration details
    3. If it is deemed that registration as a member is significantly affected by the technology of "Mall"
  3. The time of establishment of the membership contract shall be when the acceptance of "Mall" reaches the membership.
  4. Where there is a change in the registered matters under Article 15 (1), the member shall immediately notify the "mall" by e-mail or other means of the change.


Article 7 (Membership withdrawal, loss of qualification, etc.)

  1. Members may request withdrawal from the "Mall" at any time, and "Mall" will process withdrawal immediately.
  2. If a member falls under any of the following reasons, "Mall" may restrict and suspend his/her membership:
    1. If false information is registered at the time of application for subscription
    2. Where the member fails to pay the payment of goods, etc. purchased using the "mall" or other obligations borne by the member in connection with the use of the "mall" on the due date
    3. When threatening the e-commerce order, such as interfering with other people's use of the "mall" or stealing such information,
    4. Where an act is prohibited or contrary to the public service by the Act or the terms and conditions using "mall"
  3. "Mall" limits membership?If the same act is repeated more than twice or the cause is not corrected within 30 days after suspension, "Mall" is a member's qualification.


Article 8 (Notification of Members)

  1. "Mall" notifies the member, he/she may make an agreement with "Mall" in advance with the e-mail address designated by the member.
  2. "Mall" may be substituted for individual notifications by posting on the "Mall" bulletin board for at least one week in the case of notification of many unspecified members. However, individual notification shall be given to matters that have a significant impact on the member's own transaction.


Article 9 (Purchase Application)

A "mall" user shall file an application for purchase on the "mall" in the following or similar ways, and the "mall" shall provide the following information easily when a user applies for purchase: However, if you are a member, you may exclude subparagraphs 2 through 4.
  1. Search and select goods, etc.
  2. Enter your name, address, phone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number)
  3. Contents of terms and conditions, services that are restricted from withdrawal of subscription, and shipping fees?Check for installation costs, etc.
  4. Approve to the terms and conditions and confirm or reject the above 3. (e.g., click the mouse)
  5. Application for purchase of goods, etc. and confirmation thereof or consent to confirmation of "mall"
  6. Select payment method


Article 10 (Conclusion of Agreement)

  1. "Mall" may not accept an application for purchase as prescribed in Article 9 if it falls under any of the following: However, if a contract is concluded with a minor, it shall be notified that the minor himself or his legal representative may cancel the contract if the consent of the legal representative is not obtained.
    1. If there is a false, omission or error in the application,
    2. When minors purchase goods and services prohibited by the Juvenile Protection Act, such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
    3. If it is deemed that accepting other purchase applications significantly interferes with the "mall" technology,
  2. The contract is deemed to have been concluded when the acceptance of
  3. "Mall" reached the user in the form of a notification of receipt and confirmation under Article 12 (1).
  4. The expression of consent to
  5. "Mall" shall include information on the confirmation of the user's purchase application, availability of sale, cancellation of correction of the purchase application, etc.


Article 11 (Payment method)

Payment methods for goods or services purchased at the "Mall" may be used in any of the following methods: Provided, That "mall" shall not be collected by adding any nominal fee to the payment method of the user, such as goods.
    >i>Transfer various accounts such as phone banking, Internet banking, and mail banking
  1. Payment of various cards such as prepaid card, debit card, credit card, etc.
  2. Online no bankbook deposit
  3. Payment by e-money
  4. Payment when received
  5. Payment by point paid by "Mall" such as mileage
  6. Payment by gift certificate signed with "Mall" or recognized by "Mall"
  7. Payment, etc. by other electronic payment methods


Article 12 of

(Receipt confirmation notice).Purchase application change and cancellation)

  1. "Mall" notifies the user of the receipt confirmation when a user requests a purchase.
  2. If there is a discrepancy in the expression of intention, the user may request the change or cancellation of the purchase application immediately after receiving the notification, and "Mall" shall be processed according to the request of the user before delivery. However, if the payment has already been made, the regulations concerning withdrawal of subscription, etc. under Article 15 shall apply.


Article 13 (supply of goods, etc.)

  1. "Mall" shall take other necessary measures, such as custom-made, packaging, etc., so that goods, etc. can be delivered within seven days from the date of the subscription, unless there is a separate agreement with the user regarding the supply period of goods, etc. However, if the "mall" has already received all or part of the payment for goods, etc., the measure shall be taken within two working days from the date of receipt of all or part of the payment. At this time, "Mall" takes appropriate measures to help the user check the supply procedure and progress of the goods.
  2. "Mall" specifies the delivery method, the person responsible for the delivery cost by means, the delivery period by means, etc. for the goods purchased by the user. If the "mall" exceeds the agreed delivery period, the user shall be compensated for the damage caused. Is "mall" intentional?This is not the case if you have proven that there is no fault.


Article 14 (Refund)

"Mall" shall promptly notify the user of the reason for delivery or provision of goods, etc. that the user has requested for purchase is out of stock, and if he/she receives payment for goods, etc. in advance, he/she shall refund or take necessary measures within two business days from the date.


Article 15 (Appointment withdrawal, etc.)

    A user who has entered into a contract with
  1. "Mall" for the purchase of goods, etc. may withdraw his/her subscription within seven days from the date of receipt of the notification.
  2. When a user receives a shipment of goods, etc., he/she shall not return or exchange goods in any of the following cases:
    1. Where goods, etc. are lost or damaged due to a responsible reason ( Provided, That if the package, etc. is damaged to confirm the details of goods, etc., the subscription may be withdrawn.)
    2. If the value of goods, etc. has been significantly reduced by the user's use or some consumption,
    3. Where the value of goods, etc. has decreased significantly to the extent that resale is difficult due to the passage of time
    4. If a product with the same performance can be reproduced, the packaging of the original product, etc. is damaged
  3. In the case of subparagraphs 2 through 4 of paragraph (2) 2, the withdrawal of subscription by users shall not be restricted unless the consumer has specified the withdrawal of subscription, etc. in a place where it is easily known to the consumer. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2), a user may withdraw his/her subscription within three months from the date of receiving the relevant goods, etc., or within 30 days from the date on which he/she knows or becomes aware of such facts.


Article 16 (Effect of withdrawal of subscription, etc.)

  1. "Mall" will refund the payment of goods, etc. already paid within 3 working days when the goods, etc. are returned by the user. In such cases, if the "mall" delays the refund of goods, etc., the delayed interest calculated by multiplying the delayed interest rate determined and notified by the Fair Trade Commission shall be paid to the user.
  2. "Mall" requests the business operator who provided the payment method for goods, etc. to suspend or cancel the claim for goods, etc. when the user pays the payment method by credit card or electronic currency.
  3. In the case of withdrawal of subscription, the user shall bear the expenses incurred in returning the goods, etc. supplied. The "mall" shall not claim a penalty or compensation for damages on the grounds of withdrawal of subscription, etc. from the user. However, "Mall" shall bear the expenses incurred in returning goods, etc. if the details of goods, etc. are different from the contents of the advertisement or the contract is executed differently.
  4. If a user bears the shipping cost when he/she is provided with goods, etc., the "Mall" clearly indicates who pays the cost when the user withdraws the subscription.


Article 17 (Personal Information Protection)

  1. "Mall" collects minimal information necessary for the fulfillment of purchase contracts when collecting information from users. The following are mandatory and other options are optional:
    1. Name
    2. Resident registration number (for members) or alien registration number
    3. Address
    4. Phone number
    5. Hope ID (for members)
    6. Password (for members)
    7. Email address (or mobile phone number)
  2. When
  3. "Mall" collects personal information that can be identified by the user personally, it must obtain the consent of the relevant user.
  4. The personal information provided shall not be used for any purpose other than or provided to a third party without the consent of the relevant user, and all responsibilities for such information shall be "mall". However, except in the following cases:
    1. If the delivery company informs the delivery company of the minimum user information (name, address, phone number) necessary for delivery.
    2. If necessary for statistical preparation, academic research, or market research and provided in a form that cannot identify a particular individual
    3. If necessary for settlement of accounts for goods, etc. transactions
    4. If necessary for identification for prevention of theft
    5. If there is an unavoidable cause necessary under the provisions of the Act or the Act,
  5. If
  6. "mall" is required to obtain consent from users pursuant to paragraphs (2) and (3), he/she shall specify or withdraw the identification of the person in charge of personal information management (affiliated, name and phone number, other contact information), purpose of collection and use of information.
  7. The user of
  8. may at any time request the perusal and error correction of his/her personal information held by "Mall", and "Mall" shall be obliged to take necessary measures without delay. If a user requests correction of an error, "Mall" shall not use the relevant personal information until the error is corrected.
  9. Mall" shall minimize the number of managers to protect personal information, and shall be fully responsible for damages caused by the loss, theft, leakage, modulation, etc. of personal information of users, including credit cards, bank accounts, etc.
  10. When a third party receives personal information from a "mall" or a person who has received personal information for the purpose of collecting or providing personal information, he/she shall destroy such personal information without delay.


Article 18 ("Mall")

  1. "Mall" shall not be prohibited by Acts and subordinate statutes or these terms or act contrary to the public domain, and shall goods be continuously and reliably as prescribed by these terms and conditions?"We should do our best to provide the service.
  2. "Mall" shall have a security system for protecting users' personal information (including credit information) so that users can safely use Internet services.
  3. "Mall" marked" for this product or service?An unfair indication of the provisions of Article 3 of the Act on the Fairness of Advertising?If a user suffers damage from advertising activities, he/she shall be responsible for compensation.
  4. "Mall" does not send advertising e-mail for commercial purposes that users do not want.


Article 19 (Duty for Member ID and Password)

    The member shall be responsible for the management of the ID and password except in the case of Article 17.
  1. members should not be allowed to use their ID and password to third parties.
  2. If the member
  3. recognizes that his/her ID and password are stolen or used by a third party, he/she shall immediately notify the "Mall" and comply with the "Mall" instructions.


Article 20 (User's Obligations)

The user shall not do the following.
  1. Registration of false information upon application or modification
  2. Stealing other people's information
  3. Change the information posted to "Mall"
  4. Send or post information (computer programs, etc.) other than information specified by "Mall"
  5. Infringement of intellectual property rights such as "Mall" and other third parties' copyrights
  6. "Mall" Other acts that impair the honor of a third party or interfere with its work
  7. Disclosure of or posting information on the mall against obscene or violent messages, burns, voice, or other forms of public service


Article 21 (Relation between "Mall" and "Mall" of Blood)

  1. If the parent "mall" and the child "mall" are connected by hyperlinks (e.g., the target of the hyperlink includes letters, pictures, and fairy tales), the former is called "mall" (website) and the latter is called "mall" (website).
  2. Connection "Mall" shall not be guaranteed for the transaction made with the user by the goods provided by the blood connection "Mall" independently, if specified as an initial screen of the connection "Mall" or a pop-up screen at the time of connection.


Article 22 (restriction on the Attribution and Use of Copyright)

    Copyright and other intellectual property rights to works created by
  1. "Mall" belong to "Mall".
  2. The user shall not allow "Mall" to replicate, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast information attributable to intellectual property rights among the information obtained by using "Mall" for profit or use to a third party without prior consent from "Mall".
  3. "Mall" shall notify the relevant user of the use of copyright attributable to the user pursuant to the agreement.


Article 23 (Dispute Resolution)

  1. Is "Mall" installing a damage compensation organization to reflect legitimate opinions or complaints raised by users and to compensate for damages?We run it.
  2. "Mall" deals with complaints and opinions submitted by the user first. However, if it is difficult to process quickly, the user will be notified immediately of the reason and the processing schedule.
  3. If a user files an application for compensation for damages related to an e-commerce dispute between the "Mall" and the user, he/she may comply with the mediation of the Fair Trade Commission or the dispute mediation agency requested by the Si/Do Governor.


Article 24 (Trial Rights and Residence Act)

  1. A lawsuit concerning an e-commerce dispute between the "mall" and the user shall be subject to the user's address at the time of complaint, and where there is no address, the exclusive jurisdiction of the local court in charge of the residence. However, if the user's address or residence is not clear at the time of the complaint, or the resident of a foreign country is not clear, it shall be filed with the competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.
  2. Korean law applies to e-commerce lawsuits filed between
  3. "mall" and users.


Privacy policy

Entry in the collected personal information to

Company collects the following personal information for registration, consultation and service application etc.

  • - Collect items :
  • Personal Information Collection Methods : Website(Sign Up)
Collection and use of personal information object

Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes.

  • - Settlement Price of the contract relating to services and service delivery

    Purchase, payment, shipment or billing

  • - Membership Management

    I checked in accordance with the subscription service, personal identification, poor members of the illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention, confirmation of enrollment, age verification

Personal information retention and availability

The company will destroy that information without delay, without exception, after the collection and use of personal information purpose has been achieved.