ModuleSci, a company specializing in Nano-Bio imaging equipment

In the early 2000s, based on core technologies such as field emission electron guns and objective lenses developed at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, ModuleSci entered the market of high-resolution scanning electron microscopes (SEM). We are now manufacturing reliable and cost-effective high-resolution SEMs. Furthermore, we have developed an innovative item, correlative light-electron microscopes (CLEM). Researchers are now able to obtain optical microscope and SEM images simultaneously on one platform.

We will make continuous efforts to provide the best quality products and services to become a leading SEM company in the near future.

Corporate name ModuleSci Co., Ltd.
CEO Boklae Cho, Ph. D
Date of establishment September 11, 2017
Adress #515&523, 199, Techno2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
Tel +82 42 935 6113
Fax +82 42 934 8880